Please note that the Wichtermans practice part-time at Centennial Park Counseling (website), PLC (2828 Kraft Ave. SE., Suite 186, Grand Rapids MI, 49512).  If you or your child/teen are in need of counseling please call (616) 949-9550 to ask questions and schedule an appointment.

We believe that mental, emotional and relational challenges develop because we live in an imperfect world that is broken by sin. There are a variety of reasons that this brokenness occurs. Some are the result of poor choices, unrealistic expectations, and an inaccurate view of one’s world.  Some are the effects of the poor choices of others, and some are the result of one’s biological make-up affected by the environment in which they live. Many cases of mental illness are reaction based.  Habits of thinking influence one’s thoughts, which influences one’s emotions, and behaviors.

We also believe that we all exist within family networks.  Children flourish in environments where they are supported and encouraged to develop right view of themselves, others and God.  When working with children I believe parents and caregivers are most often the agents of change and significant time will be devoted to helping train caregivers to be the agent of change for their child.

We believe that counseling is most effective when God is invited to be a part of the change that takes place and the Bible is allowed to be the lens through which we together view the world.

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Together in counseling we will explore the wide array of factors that influence your life both past and present (family, friends, occupation, social environment, culture), to determine how they impact you.  We will also examine your strengths and weakness, how you approach life, and what helps you to cope with challenges.  This information will guide us so that together we will establish goals and develop a treatment plan that will allow you to accomplish these goals.  The way this interaction occurs will vary from person to person with consideration for age, personality, learning style, and personal preference.


As professional counselors we have the privilege of coming alongside individuals, families and groups, and helping address life concerns.  All information that is shared is confidential and will not be addressed with others without consent of the client or their legal representative except in the following circumstances:

  1. When children or the elderly are physically abused, neglected, or sexually abused the proper authorities (such as the police or Protection Services) must be notified.
  2. In emergency situations where a client is in danger of harming himself or herself, or harming others such as in the case of homicide or suicide, the proper authorities will also be notified.

Additionally if the client is a minor, their parents or guardians hold privilege to information communicated by their children and provide consent for the disclosure of their child’s records or communication. However we encourage parents to respect the time that we have with their child and allow me to maintain their confidence without having to relay all information discussed in session unless it is information that we feel will lead to the harm of the child or others.

Fees and Cancellation Policy 

Please contact Centennial Park Counseling at (616) 949-9550 for specifics on session fees, our sliding scale, and our cancellation policy.